Farmowners Insurance Policy Coverage
A Farmowners policy is comprehensive farmer insurance which includes both standard insurance coverage and optional insurance coverage for the farm house, farm buildings. farm personal property, and liability insurance.




Farm Buildings

At your option:
Unlike Homeowners policies which assign a percentage of the dwelling coverage to other structures, a Farmowners insurance policy covers only those outbuildings which are specifically described and valued. Among the structures typically covered under this section of the policy are:


  - Barns        - Additional dwellings
  - Silos         - Livestock Schedules
  - Sheds       - Equipment Schedules
  - Garages
Farm Personal Property

Farm Personal Property may include: tractors, feed computers, hay, seed, fertilizer,  pumps, tools and miscellaneous equipment.


Farmers Comprehensive Personal Liability / Both Owned & Leased Premises

A number of additional liability endorsements are available to protect you against special situations or conditions which may apply to your farm operation including horse liability.

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